Jorge Larrañaga believe in shoes, handbags and accessories so you can customize to your liking in countless textures, colors, platforms and heels. If you viewing our collection and have chosen what you like, you explained that you have to do to customize your product:

1. CHOOSE THE MATERIALS. In bottom CLICK HERE  you can view the materials and colors to choose the combination that best suits your preferences.

2. WRITE YOUR CHOICE in the box to visualize where we explain that item (s) and what color (s) you want us to manufacture your shoe. IMPORTANT click on the Save button to save your choice is.

It will look like this for example:

select materials

3. Choose your size and the number of products you want and click ADD TO CART.

Expound WANT TO A DRAWING? You can also send us a sketch of the model you have chosen to indicate more clearly the materials and fabrics that go into each of the bag or shoe.

CHOOSE YOU LIKE MORE? If you want a different heel height or special sizes (eg 31, 32, 33, 43, 44, 45 ...) in most cases it is also possible, but this you should first consult on the button:

We have developed this website to interact with us as if you were in our study.

Our delivery of orders is approximately 7 working days, which may be lower or higher depending on the workload.